Blind Item: Pub, Irish Meets English meets Historic

Well we haven’t done a blind item for awhile and we don’t want to to end the year out without at least one more. This one is pretty easy, although were surprised it’s for sale.

The asking price for this pub is $700,000.

PUB,”Irish meets English meets historic” Upscale Pub,Building, circa 1700’s.10,000 square feet. mutli rooms/floors many different bars to eat and drink in. Well decorated and taken care of, Pick your favorite room to eat or drink in 30 Taps.This restuarant is perfect for Banquets/parties, rehersal dinners, corporate affairs etc.Parties-20-200 can fit easily. Works becuase of multi-room floor set-up.

Great pub food, burgers, sheperds pie, salads as well Dinners: Tuna, salmon,steaks and daily specials. Great Fish ‘n chips and shepards pie. Huge beer selection and bartenders that know how to treat you right. The kitchen’s quirky British fare has been intertwined with sophisticated American pub grub like grilled Portobello sandwiches, pulled pork barbeque and gourmet burgers. Entrees like bungers and mash definitely do justice to English cuisine, as does the large plate of fish and chips. Not hungry? Then just pop into one of the four bars upstairs and have a few pints of English or Irish suds.

Located in one of Philadelphia’s oldest historic neighborhoods.