January University City Dining Days

University City Dining Days
January 11th to 18th will return Dining Days to West Philadelphia.

As in July there are three price points for your three courses.

But perhaps most exciting, Rae is on the list. Looks like a great time to try out the new restaurant.

Complete list of participating restaurants is after the jump.

$20 Dining Day Deals

  • Copabanana
  • Fatou and Fama
  • Pallet
  • Vientiane Cafe

$25 Dining Days

  • Abbraccio
  • Bubble House
  • Lemon Grass
  • Marathon Grill
  • Pizza Rustica*
  • Rx
  • World Cafe Live
  • Zocalo

$30 Dining Days

  • Blarney Stone*
  • Dahlak*
  • Ecco Qui
  • Marigold Kitchen
  • Nan
  • Penne Restaurant and Wine Bar
  • Rae
  • Score at Strikes Bowling Lounge*
  • White Dog Cafe

* 2 For 1. Offering two dinners for the price of one, each within their respective categories.