Bob & Barbara’s Sued

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) today announced they have filed suit against ten nightclubs, bars and restaurants in eight states. And among the sued, our very own Bob & Barbara’s!

In each of the cases filed today, the business establishment had signed a license agreement with ASCAP, but failed to comply with the license’s payment terms. ASCAP reached out to each of the establishments repeatedly over a significant period of time before taking legal action — in some cases over a period as long as two years. In every instance, the licensee refused to pay the fees owed under the license, leaving ASCAP no choice but to terminate the license for default. Thereafter, the businesses continued to perform ASCAP members’ music without permission, resulting in the filing of the infringement actions.

ASCAP Initiates Infringement Actions Against Establishments in Breach of License Agreements [Yahoo!]