Beer Season

Beer Season
Yesterday Beer Season began at the Grey Lodge. What’s beer season you ask? Well that’s where if come into the Grey Lodge between now and Sunday and sign up to have their beer of the week for 13 weeks, you can get a “free limited-edition, not for sale, not available in stores, not as-seen-on-TV, non-toxic T-shirt.” And you get to try some great beers along the way.

Complete rules are after the jump:

The Rules:
1. every week for 13 weeks there will be a new beer of the week.

2. you must come in the first week and sign up and give us your shirt size.

3. you must come to the lodge every week and have the beer of the week and tell your bartender that your on the list and to mark your name off.

4. after the 13 weeks and most likely a two to three week wait for production you come in and pick up your shirt.

this event was set up to raise beer knowledge. alot of people come to the lodge every week and drink the macros, ie. miller, coors, and bud. this is fine if that’s what you into, but this is like going to a place with a great menu and ordering fries.

so come in and taste what the best bar in the north-east has to offer.

The Grey Lodge Pub