“It’s The Biggest Bar Night Of The Year”

Yes, conventional wisdom says that tonight is indeed the most popular drinking night of the year. And with that said, everywhere will be a good time. Just meet up with your friends, say “yo” to the ones you haven’t seen in awhile and go get your drink on. And of course, don’t do too much that you may regret when sitting at the dinner table tomorrow. We here at Foobooz recommend Gatorade before bed, and if you’re still hurting badly in the morning, the miracle cure of Pedialyte, grape tastes best.

If a night out at a club suits you better, and it may with all the rain, then only Paper Street’s fourth annual Thanksgiving Ever Bash at Transit will be the place for you. Get your discounted admission here. And arrive early, if memory serves us, the line was ridiculous last year. Open bar from 9-10.