Cheesy Philadelphia

Kraft Cheez Whiz
Cheesy and proud, Philadelphia Weekly looks at the cheesiest in Philadelphia, and they find some food and drink cheesiness to take shots at.

Cheesiest Quasi-Frat Party – Tiki Bob’s
Cheesiest T-Shirt – “I Pita The Fool,” Pita Pit
Cheesiest Place on Game Day – Fox and Hound
Cheesiest Establishment, Literal – DiBruno Brothers
Cheesiest Quizzo – Roosevelt’s
Cheesiest Old City Club – Mad River
Cheesiest Dining Experience – City Tavern
Cheesiest New Business Venture – Melting Pot, King of Prussia
Cheesiest Mac and Cheese, Upscale – Jones
Cheesiest Mac and Cheese, Down Home – Ron’s Ribs

And we here at Foobooz have one to add.
Cheesiest Fraud – In our hearts, or hardened arteries, there is only one Pasteurized Processed Cheese Sauce, Kraft Cheez Whiz. Don’t try and pawn off any of this generic crap on us, we’re connoisseurs.

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