Blind Item: Best of Philly BYOB

Can you guess what restaurant is being described in this for-sale listing?

This Main Line BYOB has won a Best of Philly award and is on the market for $200,000.

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This BYOB is generally considered one of the best in the region. Serving Cajun/Creole cuisine to a “full house” every night in a beautiful setting which was outfitted new in 2004. There is an option to purchase the real estate. To quote Philadelphia Magazine in its description of the “Best of Philly” Entree: “For meat, head straight for a recent Best of Philly entr e winner, duck breast rubbed with Cajun seasonings and seared until its skin crackles, served with duck confit jambalaya and collards. Share the sticky-bun bread pudding if you can t go it alone.”