Burger Frauds

Craig La Ban
Each Tuesday Craig LaBan hosts an online chat that is always worth checking out.

As part of his chats he often has a crumb tracker quiz where he reveals tidbits regarding the places he’s eaten recently.

Yesterday he tipped his hand regarding three Center City burgers he has eaten recently.

This week’s Crumb Tracker is themed “The Burger Frauds of Center City – three overhyped, overpriced burgers, overcooked burgers I tried (but failed) to love.” Guess from these clues what places I’m talking about and you, too, can join the exclusive Crumb Tracker Pantheon: 1) this rapidly expanding D.C. chain recently opened its peanut-strewn red-tiled grill room to long lines in Center City; 2) All deck, and very little cook, this stylish east-side lounge/restaurant has let its ambitions slide; 3) An appealingly revamped French bistro/lounge that once claimed a great burger as its single sure-bet, but now it can’t even do that.

We here at Foobooz have our guesses but will remain quiet until you all have a chance to guess.

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