Blind Item: Chestnut Hill BYOB

The possible blind items were admittedly pretty light this week. Here’s a tough one, a Chestnut BYOB with seating for 26.

The details are after the jump.

Chef’s dream restaurant. Small enough to show your talents and manage with little help, large enough to make a good living. We have made this place work and updated the space when we came in. Open a high risk business without the high risk, we will show you how and make the transition easy for you. Opening from scratch is a nightmare! It takes longer than you can afford, it is a real life challenge, we did it so you don’t have to. Have great customers from day one=profits.

Newly expanded from 18 to 26 seats, all equipment, furnishings included. Great lease of 3 years for only $2600 per month, must maintain propertie’s condition, Landlord is family and looking for a reliable tenant, not to increase rent. Space is small but clean and in good repair. Street parking on a walking neighborhood street in historical Chestnut Hill.