Club Culture

Fluid NightclubA club may start its life white hot, but it rarely lasts more than a season before all that is left is “Jersey people.” A.D. Amorosi takes a look inside Philadelphia’s club scene for the Inquirer.

Among the hot, at least until this Inky article made all the places mentioned so last week, the Gayborhood may just be the hottest area of the city with Pompeii, Sal’s on 12th, Key West, Pure and Applause!Applause!. Outside the Gayborhood the Walnut Room shines at 18th and Walnut, Bob & Barbara’s on South at 15th is hot again, as is Medusa, downstairs at 21st and Chestnut and Fluid, 4th Street, south of South, is somehow always hot.

But as always these clubs are playing for a fickle audience, “easy to please, impossible to ultimately satisfy.”

Keeping Their Cool [Philadelphia Inquirer]