Divan Turkish Kitchen

Divan Turkish Kitchen
Craig LaBan experiences G-Ho’s Divan Turkish Kitchen and comes away impressed by a kitchen that a dream into a very good reality.

Divan, located at 22nd and Carpenter brings traditional Turkish cuisine to up-and-coming Graduate Hospital area.

The fried calamari and the grilled octopus were both extremely tender. The zucchini pancakes and the borek, crunchy tubes of phyllo filled with feta cheese all stood out as appetizers.

Even more consistently strong were the main courses. Kebabs are a staple of the menu and LaBan’s favorite dish was the doner kebab, “which stacks alternate layers of lamb breast and a blend of pureed lamb and beef on a vertical gyro-like turning spit.” “Lamb dumplings are as small as tortellini and come beneath yogurt and mint and are positively addictive.”

The dessert tray had some highlights too, “buttery baklava, baked quince, plump figs, and nut-stuffed apricots.”

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