Pond & Bistro Cassis

In the space formerly filled by Passerelle, Radnor’s Pond and Bistro Cassis get three bells from Craig LaBan. LaBan calls Pond and Bistro Cassis “an elegant display of contemporary French cuisine inflected with the exotic tones of his [Chef Abde Dahrouch’s] native Morocco.”
Bistro Cassis is the less expensive bar and bistro where Pond is the more formal “chateaulike” main dining room. But both menus are available wherever you sit. The Bistro menu features more traditional French dishes like escargot, duck pate, and lobster bisque.
Main course hits from the Bistro menu include strip steak and a paella of three different kinds of fish, clams, shrimp, and mussels.
Pond goes beyond the French classics with foie gras with lentils, Tuna tartare with “habanero-infused sesame oil and the prickle of ginger.” Also of note were the tender braised short ribs served with wild-mushroom risotto and smoked bacon.

Three Bells

Pond and Bistro Cassis [Official Site]