Quick Bites

  • Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen is looking for a September opening. The sububan Foo will be located in the Radnor Corporate Center, 555 Lancaster Ave. (Inqlings)
  • Sunday at Brasserie Perrier, diners can bring their own.
  • Christopher Lyons’ Blue Horseshoe at 20th & Ludlow, which always seems to be in flux, is set to become a Mediterranean restaurant/bar named Christophers in September. And his brothers are turning Monkey Bar into something more “clubby.” Guess a name change will be in order. (Icepack)
  • Gavone’s at 10th & Wolf specializes in the third part of the Philadelphia sandwich trinity, the roast pork sandwich. Gavone’s also features a full bar and six flat-screen TVs. Tori’s Brickhouse has been closed since July 1, but is expecting to open on South Street in September. (Feeding Fenzy)