We read the reviews so you don’t have to. We break Chlöe down into delightful appetizers skewered by party toothpicks.

Old City’s Chlöe opened five years ago and has long been a favorite. City Paper’s Elisa Ludwig returns to see if it’s still up to the praise.
The menu is mainly the same and as outstanding as always. “[The] restaurant’s hallmark is wholesome and substantial food, served in hearty portions yet executed with the utmost delicacy.” In additions to the standards new specials entice. “A brilliant masterpiece of a salad starred lusciously tender duck confit, chunks of caramelized pineapple, bing cherries and a vinaigrette flavored with pomegranate molasses” shines.
It turns out Chlöe is as good as ever, and certainly still worth the recommendations.

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