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Visiting Gigi you peruse a menu full of what is now standard fare at a restaurant. Chicken satay, edamame, hummus, grilled octopus, and the like, have become the non-offensive staples of Philadelphia dining. And Gigi has you covered with these “basics.”
But Gigi does get beyond these predictable dishes with their “best dish by far,” fish and chips. Broken into nuggets and fried in a beer batter and served on a bed of delicious Yucca fries.
Cornmeal-dusted empanadas filled with ground beef and smoked gouda are another “successful offering.” But some of the other dishes leave you wanting as the steak atop the watercress salad is “gamey and a bit intense.” A special of potato-stuffed pierogies was extremely salty and undercooked. The tilapia was also over salted. All in all Gigi was dull fusion over an original menu.

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