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Creating the perfect summer six pack
Matt Guyer of the Beeryard gets interviewed by PLAY and discusses some good beer tips and comes up with the ultimate summer six pack.

Don’t blame the booze, blame the boozers
Joe Sixpack points out that the new Foodery at 2nd & Poplar won’t be stocking 40s of Colt 45, Crazy Horse, Old English 800, St. Ides, and Silver Thunder and other “nuisance beers.” Joe makes a good point that it would be better to go after the problem, not the beers.

The no-40s deal may be just the ticket for a trendy neighborhood grappling with vagrants and street crime. But I think it’s yet another reactionary prohibition that wrongly blames the beer, not the bad actors. If loitering, vandalism, drugs or underage drinking are the problem, enforce those laws.

Also on Joe Sixpack today, Joe proves you don’t have to sip wine, but can celebrate Bastille Day with six French beers.