Chinese Vegetarian Newcomer

Kirsten Henri samples as Sansom Street newcomer, we deliver the review in bite-size morsels perfect for snacking.
No meat, stay away from sweet, a welcome addition to the street.

Meaty, toothsome Chinese black mushrooms that are as plump and succulent as a rib-eye. Simply braised as a side dish, tossed with tofu or chopped up in a dumpling, they’re irresistible—the essence of umami, that difficult-to-identify savory “fifth taste.”
The mushrooms sprout up all across Su Xing’s extensive menu, and add some earthy depth to the traditional vegetable/soy/gluten triumvirate of vegetarian fare. Over a series of visits Su Xing’s dishes are consistently fresh (everything tastes cooked to order), offer great value for the price point and are full of flavor.

So Su Me [Philadelphia Weekly]

Su Xing House [Official Site]