Getting High-Def Right

The first Foobooz rant.
What’s the deal with all these bars with $2000+ high def TVs that skimp on the cabling, digital cable or just don’t tune in to the high definition broadcasts?
When competition for the entertainment dollar pulled in more directions than ever before, why lose out because of a $50 cable or explaining to the bartenders that the high-def version of ESPN is channel 202? Most households don’t have a high-def TV in the living room, a better picture of World Cup, baseball all-star game or even the Sopranos is reason to get off the sofa and head down to the local bar. But when you get there the picture doesn’t look as good as it could.
It’s Plato’s allegory of the cave. We’ve been unchained, gotten to break free of our chains, seen the high-definition reality. And then we’re supposed to go back to shadows of low-def? No. Demand high-def done right.

Have some favorite bars that get high-def right? Want to out a bar that doesn’t seem to get it? Leave a comment!