Bastille Day Celebrations

Bastille Day
The French may not have won the World Cup but they get another chance to party it up as Friday is Bastille Day.

Eastern State Penitentiary
From 2 PM – 5 PM Saturday July 15th, enjoy the Bastille Day Street Festival. Street vendors and strolling performers will entertain the crowd. The restaurants of Fairmount will line the Fairmount Avenue with booths selling sausage sandwiches, pastries, coq au vin, and other great French fare. Drink Stella Artois drafts & Georges Duboeuf wines, and Champagne Pommery.
Then at 5:30 storm the Bastille. Grab a pitchfork and storm the walls! Armed troops will capture Marie Antoinette (tossing over 2,000 Butterscotch Krimpits from the prison’s medieval towers), and, ignoring her mocking cries of “Let them eat TastyKake!” drag the monarch to a real, functioning guillotine. The crowd will decide her fate!

White Dog Cafe and Brasserie Perrier are also celebrating Bastille Day. Details after the jump.

Brasserie Perrier is partying it up for Bastille Day offering a “Bombastic 3 Course Menu.”
$40 a person
Specialty cocktails in the lounge bar and outside 5PM to 10PM.
$2 selected beer
$3 selected wines by the glass
$4 selected cocktails

Join the White Dog, or au Cafe Chien Blanc, Friday for dinner, drinks or just to dance in the street.
$5 admission after 10 PM.

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