First Glance: Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Lanes
Not a complete look, but Foobooz gives you it’s first glance at Lucky Strike Lanes on Chestnut Street. Walked in on Saturday afternoon looking for a bite to eat and some World Cup soccer. To enter Lucky Strike you must head up a couple flights of stairs and into a very posh lounge. Lots of low brown sofas and 12 lanes along the back wall. There was just a mother and daughter bowling and a waitstaff of about 20. After having to wait to be seated, despite the legion of corporate-goth worker bees, each with their own piece of flair, we were informed that since the 1300 block of Chestnut Street was never wired for cable, that none of the many beautiful high-definition TVs or projectors could broadcast the World Cup on ABC. A full first look would have to wait, national pride was at stake.
Worth noting, renting a lane is $45 an hour and the draught beer selection is Yuengling, Stella Artois, and Coors Light.
Foobooz will have to return, but only when nothing worth watching is on network TV or Comcast.
Lucky Strike Lanes [Official Site]