New Spot On Grays Ferry

Feeding Frenzy reports that a new bar/restaurant will be opening at 23rd and Grays Ferry. The former Pandora’s Box will join Grace Tavern and the Sidecar in the G-Ho revival.
The place will be a”nooked-and-crannied bi-level affair serving ‘challenging’ imports and domestics. The owners are hosting a contest for local residents to name the place; a Web site is on the way. They’re hoping to have the doors open by late August.”
Meanwhile over in the Inquirer, Michael Klein has the skinny on Restaurant M, the new contemporary eatery at 218 S 8th Street, just around the corner from Ristorante LaBuca.
And the just closed Out of the Blue will be-reborn as a neighborhood eatery by Labor Day. Jonathan Makar, former manager at Marigold Kitchen is the tenant.