File This Under What Could Possibly Go Wrong

North Wildwood: Combine Alcohol With Swimming For Bonus Down The Shore Fun! Only 156 Tickets!

Philadelphia Will Do points out that yes, Wildwood has found yet another way to lower the bar.

This year, North Wildwood has decided to trash up its act a little bit by allowing Morey’s Piers to open up a bar at its water park. Yes, Morey’s Surfside Pier at 25th Ave. (the one everyone calls “Morey’s Pier”) has renamed Raging Waters and turned it into an adult playground.

The new Ocean Oasis is essentially the same thing as the old Raging Waters, with slides and a kids’ area and the lazy river. But there is one exception: The bar. And the pool tables. And chess and backgammon. Oh, and did we mention the serving of alcohol at a water park on the pier?