Divan Turkish Kitchen

Divan's Turkish Kitchen


A BYO at 22nd and Carpenter? A Turkish BYO? In a small Trinity? Yes, yes, and yes. And add to that the praise Divan’s Turkish Kitchen has been getting and you may well be venturing to a restaurant unimaginable just a couple of years ago.

The dining room is the first floor of a Trinity, with the food delivered from the basement via dumbwaiter. The brother and sister owners live above.

Appetizers focus around the fresh baked bread, rolling out of the oven every 15 minutes or so. “Sop up the mashed eggplant and minced red pepper appetizers. They also serve some stellar stuffed grape leaves.”

The main courses are mainly red meat, lamb chops seared with thyme and oregano; kebabs of lamb, beef and chicken come in generous portions for the price.

Dessert is a concentrated course of flavors, whether baklava, or the carmelized milk pudding.

“an excellent opportunity to take Philly comfort food in a refreshing new direction.”

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