Say No To The Lemon

Forget about that lemon!

As beer drinking dilemmas go, the lemon question is an easy call: Don’t do it!
I refer, of course, to the unfortunate trend of defiling a perfectly good wheat beer with a spongy hunk of citrus. It happens most commonly in bars that serve German hefeweizen, but the practice has spread like a bad case of crotch rash to Belgian wit and American wheat. Some joints have gone as far as plunking an orange slice into a murky brown dunkle-weisse.
Stop it, I say, stop it now! You’re ruining a perfectly good beer. The citric acid kills a hefeweizen’s billowy head and the aroma masks the ale’s delicate aroma of banana, clove, bubble gum and, yes, lemon.

And now that you know to say know to that lemon, how about some tips on how to pour that wheat beer.