Philly’s Secret Crab Underground

I Pinch

Philebrity was a bit reluctant to let the cat out of the bag but being the social servants they are, they have to share the knowledge they’ve gleamed from “crab mafia.” Yes Port Richmond is home to Philadelphia’s best Baltimore style crabs.

First up, is Bonk’s. Regular Philebrity readers may recall a post or two over the years about this desolate-yet-friendly haunt way up Richmond Street. Bonk’s, the wisdom goes, is the best. And for once, the wisdom is right. The very best Baltimore style crabs you’re gonna get, plus a nice back room and a bigger bar-food menu besides. (Go for the surf and surf and grab some of those seasoned shrimp while you’re at it.) Don’t even fuck with Snockey’s or DiNardo’s, they’re weak-ass tourist traps. But Bonk’s is pricey, which leads us to… Yesterday’s. This was the one place our crab mafia elders would tell us about. Much like Bonk’s, it’s a corner bar. And we’re fairly sure they use the same suppliers as Bonk’s, but there are two key differences: Unlike Bonk’s, the place is very small, and sees far fewer “outsiders” through its doors. This makes it an adventure — I mean, not that Bonk’s isn’t, but like, more so. In addition? Yesterday’s is way, way cheaper. And vibewise, it’s awesome.