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R. Craig Williams, D.M.D.

Specialty: Dental Implants, Prosthodontics

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Dr. Williams has practiced dentistry for more than forty years. He has run an Advanced Dentistry Study Club for many years that includes many local area dentists. When not working, he spends much time with his children and grandchildren; he is an avid trap shooter participating in many local and State tournaments, as well as an avid racquet sports player. His other hobbies include photography and model railroading.

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Dr. Williams specializes in the restoration of mouths seriously affected by both dental and periodontal disease. He emphasizes the reconstruction of dentitions using the existing natural teeth whenever possible, utilizing implants when necessary. He believes that saving and management of natural teeth is the mission of dental professionals. While utilizing all periodontal surgical procedures and restorative dentistry modalities to save teeth, he believes that comprehensive diagnosis and the understanding of the interrelationship of disease processes is critical to achieving successful outcomes.