Around Town: Formatted Feature Form

Around Town is a formatted feature on that let’s readers know about your event or happening and why they should attend.

Style requirements:

Do not write in first person (do not use personal pronouns like “I” or “we”). Use only complete sentences. The minimum word count for the post is 100 and the maximum is 150. You will not be able to submit the post if you do not follow the word count specifications. A content writer will provide an optimized headline for the post.

Photos must be in jpeg format. If no photo is provided, a content writer will provide a stock photo. We cannot accommodate changes to the stock photo. Stick to the guidelines provided below. The content that you submit in your form will be the content that appears in your post: we cannot accommodate additions or revisions once the form has been submitted. We will try to stay as close to the copy provided, but a content writer will be editing this to fit our magazine style guide. We encourage you to promote your formatted feature on your own channels. Please wait until you see the confirmation message to navigate away from the page, or your submission will not come through.

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    Suggest a post title. A content writer will decide on a final optimized headline for the post.
  • Photo: Upload a high-res photo—exactly 900 x 600—of the expert to be used as a header image. Photos that do not fit those specifications will be substituted with a stock photo, and we cannot accommodate changes to the stock photo.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • If necessary, provide a photo credit in the format, Photo Credit: (Name).
  • Provide a 100 to 150 word (or about 850 characters) description of your event. You can focus on whatever you prefer, but here are a few questions to get you started: What are the food and drink options? What is the dress code? Is there parking available, and is the event wheelchair accessible? What kind of guests should come to this event? Is the event family-friendly?
  • Provide the location of your event.
  • Provide the date of your event.
  • Provide text that will suggest the reader click to purchase tickets. For example: ‘To purchase tickets, click here.’ Include a hyperlinked portion of the text that links to your preferred site.