Here’s All of Our Wawa Week Coverage in One Place

From a staunch defense of the meatball sandwiches to some incredibly fun new Wawa theme songs written by Philadelphians.

On Friday, the largest and fanciest Wawa in the history of mankind opened at 6th and Chestnut streets in Philadelphia. In honor of the occasion, we here at Philly Mag decided to declare last week Wawa Week, and we celebrated with a week full of fun Wawa coverage — because we are nothing if not a Wawa town.

Oh, please don’t misunderstand. Wawa Week was not some advertising spectacle that Wawa paid for. Wawa Week was never going to be five days of gushing praise and fawning Wawa adoration. Hell no.

Yes, during Wawa Week we celebrated all of the things we love about Wawa. In fact, some fabulous Philadelphians that we all know and love — like Fox 29’s Alex Holley, 6ABC’s Cecily Tynan, and the entire cast of the Preston & Steve Show on WMMR — told us what they love at Wawa. (Hint: Cec does not get an Italian classic with Herr’s Kettle Chips and Wawa Sweet Tea.)

But Wawa Week included some things that might ruffle the feathers of the higher-ups at Wawa headquarters. We told you what foods you should never eat at Wawa. We talked to an anonymous Wawa employee about what really happens at your favorite store. We got a little critical during Wawa Week, but just know that it’s only because we love you, Wawa.

And really, what Wawa Week would be complete without Wawa songs? That’s right. We asked some of our favorite local singers, rappers and comedians to come up with songs about Wawa and the results (here and here) were downright incredible.

We’ve assembled all of our Wawa Week coverage below. So sit back with your Shorti, start clicking some links, and have fun.

Wawa Week Day 1

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We Asked Philly Musicians and Comedians to Write Wawa New Theme Songs

Wawa Week Day 2

The Healthiest Things to Eat at Wawa
5 Wawa Menu Items We Love Even Though We Know We Shouldn’t

Wawa Week Day 3

Your Guide to the Best Vegan Food Options at Wawa
An Anonymous Wawa Employee Tells All

Wawa Week Day 4

Here’s All the Fancy New Stuff in Wawa’s Biggest Store
Wawa Sandwiches, Ranked
These Are the Most Unhealthy, Calorie-Filled Foods at Wawa
We Review the New Wawa Coffee Beer

Wawa Week Day 5

People Are Still Sending Us Amazing New Wawa Theme Songs
31 Fun Facts Every Wawa Nerd Should Know
The World’s Largest Wawa Is Now Officially Open
Dear Wawa: Here’s How You Can Be Better