The Elmwood Park Zoo Introduces Two Newborn Jaguar Cubs

The cubs were born on January 24th at the Norristown zoo.

Elmwood Park Zoo - jaguar cubs

Photo via Elmwood Park Zoo

Norristown just got a lot cuter.

Today the Elmwood Park Zoo announced the birth of two jaguar cubs, who were born on January 24th.

The cubs are the offspring of the zoo’s two adult jaguars, Inka and Zean. The zoo says the two were just introduced on October 12th of last year, and the birth is a bit of a surprise because of the two had never successfully produced offspring before. Inka and the cubs are doing well, the zoo says.

Conveniently, Elmwood Park Zoo is currently working on opening a new jaguar exhibit. Trail of the Jaguar is scheduled to open in the spring; the zoo made the decision to introduce Inka and Zean before the new exhibit so they’d be most comfortable.

Inka and her two cubs will be out of the exhibit for a few months, and will be transferred to the new facility some time after it opens. Jaguars are classified as near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.