There Are Pro-Trump Planes Flying Around Center City

Several planes bearing pro-Trump messages are circling downtown Philadelphia today.

"Black Americans vote for Trump" on a banner

Spotted from the window of Philadelphia magazine’s offices. | Photo: Dan McQuade

Several aerial advertising planes are flying around Center City Philadelphia this morning with banners bearing pro-Trump messages.

“BLACK AMERICANS VOTE FOR TRUMP,” “WOMEN VOTE FOR TRUMP” and “ASIAN AMERICANS FOR TRUMP” are three of the signs. (A plane with a banner for Geico featuring the company’s gecko mascot was also flying around Center City today; it was easier to read.)

Trump Planes in Center City

Several pro-Trump planes fly around Center City on Halloween. | Photo: Dan McQuade

Similar banners flew over the Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 23rd.

The Trump campaign didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the planes were theirs or whether they were made by an admirer.