Bernie-or-Busters: Trump Will Be President, It Will Be Dems’ Fault

A Bernie Sanders supporter, now backing the Green Party’s Jill Stein, vowed to run ads attacking Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Victor Tiffany, Yahne Ndgo speak in support of Jill Stein at the 2016 DNC

Bernie Sanders supporters Victor Tiffany and YahNé Ndgo said they will be supporting Jill Stein for president — and that Donald Trump’s victory will be the Democratic Party’s fault | Photos: Dan McQuade

Bernie Sanders supporters today at the Democratic National Convention called for a change in rules allowing for the nomination of Bernie Sanders as Democratic nominee — or Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

“They’re calling for unity,” activist YahNé Ndgo of Germantown said at a press conference inside the media tent Wednesday night. “But the reality is the Democratic Party has not done anything to move us towards unity. They have done nothing to appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters. … that is what the walkout yesterday represents. All the delegates are not ‘Bernie or Bust.’ But all of the Bernie delegates walked out because their voices haven’t been heard.

“While there is this conversation going on where people are claiming that they would like to have unity in the party, the reality is that they are doing everything to eliminate unity in the party. And the result is going to be a Trump presidency. And it’s going to be the fault of the Democratic Party.”

Bernie supporter Victor Tiffany said he wants Democrats to change the rules at the convention, un-nominate Hillary Clinton and install Bernie Sanders at the top of the Democratic ticket. He said he’s holding out hope that it happens. He said that once Hillary Clinton accepts the nomination, he will raise the $1,000 donation limit at his Citizens Against Plutocracy group, and turn it into a super PAC that attacks Hillary Clinton and supports Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“As of yesterday, ‘Bernie or Bust’ became ‘Jill, Not Hill,’” Tiffany said. “We’re going to do everything we can using our super PAC and our 100,000 donor base — Bernie or Bust has the most angry, revolutionary supporters — and raise money to run ads in swing states to attack Hillary Clinton from the left.”

He says he told superdelegates beforehand in a letter that many Bernie backers would not be supporting Clinton if they nominated her. He said the superdelegates should have joined together to support Bernie Sanders and override the primary results. “They chose to believe ‘Bernie or Bust’ was ‘Bernie or Bluff,’” he said. “What the superdelegates did yesterday was elect Donald Trump to the White House. Their job as superdelegates is not to rubber stamp the results of the primaries … their job is supposed to be to choose the candidate that has the best shot at defeating the Republican. Instead, they chose the candidate we are going to help defeat.”

Neither Ndgo nor Tiffany said they wanted Trump as president, but said he would win in November with their help.

“As soon as Bernie endorsed Hillary, her numbers dropped, and people immediately began to exit the party,” Ndgo said. “The Democratic Party has been excluding the individuals who they need in order to win this election. And they’re going to lose.”

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