Ad Watch: Joe Sestak Quotes The Rock in New Campaign Spot

Joe Sestak says he’s going to be The People’s Champion. Plus: Five images that sum up his new ad.

With the Pennsylvania Republican and Democratic primaries just over a month away, candidates in various races are releasing online and TV ads. In the next month, we’ll spotlight some of the more interesting ads.

Candidate: Joe Sestak
Ad: “Joe’s Got Your Six”
Length: 1 minute
Theme: Joe Sestak will fight for you, personally.
Key quote: “I’m running for the senate to be The People’s Champion.”

“I’ve got your six” is military slang for “I’ve got your back.” The ad first explains that term — the “6” comes from the number 6 on an analog clock, which is at the bottom — then goes into how Joe Sestak will fight for you, the voter. Supporters of his (some not even of voting age) hold signs with the slogan. Most importantly, Sestak says at the end of the ad that he’s running to be “the people’s champion.” Pro wrestling fans will recognize that as the slogan of The Rock.

Five Images That Sum Up Joe Sestak’s New Campaign Ad

Joe Sestak Knows Bill Clinton: Yes, this is an old photo of Sestak meeting Bill Clinton while in the U.S. Navy. Though Sestak has to note at the bottom that the military is not endorsing his candidacy, he doesn’t have to say anything about this photo with Bill Clinton.

Joe Sestak Cares About Your Health: Obamacare is not very popular, but Sestak touts his vote for the Affordable Care Act as one of his biggest accomplishments while in the House. (He was seated for two terms before deciding to run for Senate in 2010.)

Joe Sestak Has a Framed Inquirer Article About Himself On His Wall: And it’s not even framed all that well! It appears to be matted, but there’s clearly a rip in this Thomas Fitzgerald news analysis piece after Sestak beat Arlen Specter in the 2010 Senate primary. With the establishment lining up behind Katie McGinty in this year’s Senate race, he’ll have to buck the establishment again to get the nomination.

Children Who Cannot Vote Support Joe Sestak: It’s nice these kids support Joe Sestak, but they’re not going to be old enough to vote by next month!

It’s Kind of Creepy When Everyone Holds the Same Sign: I suppose everyone holding the same sign behind the candidate is a good way to show unity, but it just seems weird. Also, this is the part of the ad where Joe Sestak steals a tagline from The Rock.

This is smart, actually. Look how well former WWE character Donald Trump is doing in the Republican presidential primary! Clearly, politicians could learn a few things about messaging from the world’s top choreographed pretend fighters.

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