WATCH: Philadelphians Throw Snowballs at TV Reporters

Two television reporters — NBC10’s Lauren Mayk and CNN’s Sara Ganim — were hit with snowballs during live shots this weekend.

Several Philadelphians entertained themselves during the storm this weekend by throwing snowballs at television reporters.

Really! The first to be hit with a snowball was NBC10’s Lauren Mayk, at 11:15 on Friday night at 15th and Sansom streets. She responded beautifully, taking the snowball hit in stride. NBC10 and Mayk, who joined NBC10 last year and used to write for the Inquirer’s South Jersey bureau, declined to talk to Philadelphia magazine about the segment.

The next snowball attack came at 1:39 a.m. at Dilworth Park, when two Philadelphians ran in front of the camera and one of them hit CNN’s Sara Ganim with a snowball. She did not take the snowball throw as smoothly as Mayk did, but she eventually recovered to finish her segment. CNN and Ganim did not respond to a request for comment. (A promise: If anyone ever attacks me with a snowball in the course of my reporting, I will take any and all interview requests.)

Mayk and Ganim may have gotten hit with snowballs, but CBS3’s Vittoria Woodill got into a snowball fight on Saturday afternoon.

Yes, these incidents led to approximately 700 Santa Claus/Eagles fans jokes on Twitter, as well as some battery jokes. Everyone’s a comedian during the storm. But, hey, at least they didn’t hit any reporters with snowballs. Maybe don’t ruin anyone’s live shot next time, people.

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