Report: Chris Christie Uses An AOL Email Address

He also may have used that email for state purposes, per International Business Times.

Chris Christie is not going to win the Republican presidential nomination. He’s in the single digits in nearly every poll, statewide and nationally, and he trails at least seven candidates. Even a well-regarded second debate from the New Jersey governor hasn’t moved him in the polls. He trails Donald Trump among New Jersey Republicans. Et cetera.

The guy a lot of people thought should run in 2012 is now a 2016 afterthought. That doesn’t mean he’s any less fun to write about. Just yesterday on ABC’s This Week Christie said he would “rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge than be in Congress.” That talk should win him points with the “those clowns in Congress” crowd!

This comes on the heels of last week, when Christie called residents of Margate “amongst the most selfish people in the state of New Jersey” for opposing a dunes project that would fight beach erosion. He stopped short of invoking the health of Lucy the Elephant, however.

But it’s this story from Andrew Perez and David Sirota in International Business Times that’s the most fun today. Throughout the Hillary Clinton email controversy, Christie has criticized Clinton for using a private email address to conduct government business.

Perez and Sirota write that Christie, too, has used private accounts.

Christie aides won’t confirm that the governor used private email to conduct state business. But there is evidence that he did: As WNYC reported, the legislative committee investigating the August 2013 “Bridgegate” lane closure scandal uncovered an email that Christie sent to a government official from a private Yahoo account. […]

International Business Times filed open-records requests for emails between state agencies and both a Yahoo address ( and an AOL account ( — the latter of which was listed as Christie’s address on a website for alumni of the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s office. The agencies indicated they knew both email addresses belonged to the governor, and blocked the release of any emails from the addresses by citing executive privilege.

Yes, that’s right: Chris Christie has an AOL email address that references his status as a 1984 alumnus of the University of Delaware. It’s nice to see that, when he signed up for AOL in the 1990s, he chose to promote his alma mater’s Blue Hen nickname. (The school now allows students the ability to continue using their email addresses after graduation.)

IBT reports the private Yahoo! account is no longer active, while an email to the AOL account produced a read receipt. If he just trumpets his AOL email, maybe Christie can capture the vote of suburban seniors.

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