You Can Own Guns Mayor Frank Rizzo Used to Own

Stephenson's Auction in Southampton is selling three guns previously owned by former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo.

Baby Hammerless .22 short caliber revolver previously owned by Frank Rizzo, via Stephenson's Auction

Baby Hammerless .22 short caliber revolver previously owned by Frank Rizzo, via Stephenson’s Auction

Stephenson’s Auction, a Southampton based auction house, is currently selling numerous firearms and Nazi war memorabilia at auction. Also included in this collection? Three pistols once owned by Mayor Frank Rizzo.

The guns come with certificates of authenticity that call Rizzo “A True Larger Than Life Legend in the History of a Great City.” They’re signed by Rizzo’s son, Frank Rizzo Jr., and were previously sold to a collector. Rizzo died in July 1991 while attempting another run for mayor.

Cindy Stephenson, who owns the auction house, told NBC 10 the guns came from the estate of a man who was “a big Rizzo admirer.” They certificates of authenticity came from a previous sale of the three guns.

Three guns are up for auction right now. All three are designated curios and relics. You don’t need a background check to buy them.

From the auction catalog:

  • Sterling Arms .25 caliber pistol, semi-automatic, 6 shot, model 300, magazine feed, serial number 032187, barrel length 2 3/8″, overall length 4 3/4″ (Expected price: $100-$200)
  • American Firearms .38 caliber pistol, San Antonio, Texas, single action, bottom break, open hammer, O/U double barrel, 2 shot, model M-1, serial number 25482, barrel length 3″, overall length 4 3/4″ (Expected price: $300-500)
  • Baby Hammerless .22 short caliber revolver, Phila., PA, double action, black powder, hammerless folding trigger, 8 shot, patent date Feb. 2, 1892-Feb. 4, 1898, serial number 5, barrel length 1 3/4″, overall length 5″ (Expected Price: $100-$200)

Serial number five! Per the auction house, only about 2,000 of this variation of the Baby Hammerless were produced. It was a gun originally designed in Philadelphia.

Auctions for the Baby Hammerless and the American Firearms are going on now; the Sterling Arms apparently sold earlier today.