Don Tollefson Trial on Hold Due to Health Scare

Former Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson was taken to the hospital after his blood sugar spiked. His standby counsel said he "sounded fatigued."

The fraud trial of former Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson was halted today after Tollefson was taken to the hospital when his blood sugar spiked. Tollefson told the judge he has type 2 diabetes.

Tollefson told judge Rea Boylan of the issue during a recess, and offered to wait until lunch to go to the hospital. “Matt, Matt, I’m not making this up,” Tollefson said to Bucks County prosecutor Matt Weintraub.

The court adjourned today around 1. Tollefson is defending himself in the fraud trial. His court-appointed standby counsel, Bob Goldman, said that Tollefson “sounded fatigued” when he talked to him on the phone.

Last week, it appeared Don Tollefson’s trial was not going well for him. Things have continued along that route. On Wednesday, he apologized to the judge after being scolded for attempting to introduce evidence he hadn’t shown prosecutors.

He’s also clashed with Weintraub, the Bucks County prosecutor. Tollefson told the judge the prosecutor was rolling his eyes. Goldman, the standby counsel, accused Weintraub of “testifying through laughing and chuckling.”

Tollefson has alleged that customer demands caused him to renege on the trips he’d promised fans. Tollefson is accused of bilking more than 200 people out of more than $340,000. The former sportscaster says he wants to make people whole.

Earlier this week, Tollefson said he wanted to subpoena several Eagles executives to testify, including Howie Roseman. The former Eagles general manager is apparently vacationing in the Turks and Caicos Islands right now.

From June’s Philadelphia: Don Tollefson’s Last Stand