Sex Video with Minors Being Passed Around at Bristol Middle School

Bristol School District's superintendent sent home a letter with students Wednesday explaining the video had been shared among several students.

A sex video involving minors is being passed around at FDR Middle School in Bristol Township. The clip, of two juveniles engaged in a sex act, has been circulated among students.

Police are investigating, and confiscated several students’ cell phones. (A commenter on the Bristol Township Police Facebook page is furious about that: “Why were their phones confiscated and why were they forced to write statements without contacting their parents first?! What in the world were you officers thinking?! You can’t do that shit!”

Bristol Township Police issued a statement to KYW 1060:

“The Bristol Township Police Department is investigating a report of a video of sexual conduct between two juveniles being circulated among students via cellphone at Franklin D Roosevelt Middle School, 1000 block of Veterans Highway Bristol, PA. At this time, it is not believed that the video was shot on school property or in school buildings. A number of cellphones have been secured by police for investigation, which is ongoing. School District administrators have circulated a letter to parents advising them of the incident.”

Bristol Township School District Superintendent Dr. Samuel Lee sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday explaining the video came to his attention after being shared among several students.

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