Philadelphia Spends Much More on Alimony, Charity Than U.S. Averages

A New York Times report showed which cities spend more on certain items in relation to the U.S. average. Philly can't help from giving money away.

On Sunday, the New York Times ran an article on how where you live influences your spending decisions. The article has a trove of data on what people in major cities spend on a variety of items versus the national average.

Philadelphia, for instance, spends 28 percent more on books than the national average. And 95 percent less than the national average on “mutton, goat and game.” Thus confirming the old stereotype about our town: It’s not a big place for mutton.

Here’s another chart from the Times on what Philadelphia spent more and less on:

Alimony and charity! Even when a court isn’t telling us to give our money away, we Philadelphians just can’t help doing it. Meanwhile, just think how much bicycle spending, currently less than average, will explode when the South Philly velodrome opens.