Employee Stabbed at ODB McDonald’s Because it Was Closing

The Grays Ferry McDonald's — the one that rapper ODB was arrested at — was closing its dining room. An employee told people they had to leave. Things escalated.

Police are looking for a man who they say stabbed an employee earlier this month at the McDonald’s at 29th and Grays Ferry.

The stabbing happened on November 3rd, according to police. The suspect and a companion were eating at the McDonald’s when the dining room closed at 11 p.m. They became irate when told they’d have to leave, and the suspect followed an employee into the parking lot. When the employee tried to leave, police say, the suspect stabbed the employee in the back, then chased him through the parking lot.

That McDonald’s is infamous as the site of the November 2000 arrest of rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan (on charges in California and New York). A recent biography of ODB detailed the arrest, and how cops found out about ODB’s presence at the McDonald’s when a cashier called a radio station.

The McDonald’s has been called the ODB McDonald’s (unofficially) ever since. Today is 10 years since ODB died, which means he is now eligible for a historical marker at the site.

The McDonald’s employee was treated for his wounds at HUP. Police released a description of the suspect:

Black male, 5’06”-5’09”, 190 lbs, 38-40 years-of-age, medium build brown complexion, no facial hair, wearing puffy dark color jacket, blue jeans, and black baseball hat.

Cops ask anyone with information to contact police by phone (215.686.8477), text (773847) or this anonymous online form.