The Phillies Won the World Series Six Years Ago Today

The Phillies may stink now, but six years ago they actually won the World Series. Can you believe it?

Six years ago today, the Phillies won the World Series.

Here is what I remember: Hugging my girlfriend. Walking up to Broad Street and high-fiving every stranger along the way. Some dude freaking out about my “Red Means Go” t-shirt, which was the giveaway at the 2006 opener. People ripping a tree out of its planter and passing it around the crowd. Fans dancing on top of a bus shelter — which then collapsed. Some fans chanting “I smell weed.” Hugging a man after he sold me a bootleg t-shirt. Hugging friends. Hugging strangers.

A car getting flipped over.

Police in riot gear just wailing on this dude and everyone walking away as if nothing happened.

Just being so happy. Just being so happy everyone was so happy.

Let’s do it again some day, huh?