Anti-Abortion Group to Broadcast Videos of Abortions on Independence Mall

Created Equal, an Ohio-based anti-abortion group, will broadcast images of bloody, dead fetuses and videos of "abortions in progress" at a protest on Friday.

Images of bloody, dead fetuses will be projected on a 10 foot by 12 foot screen at Independence Mall on Friday, as part of an anti-abortion protest. The group received a permit for all day, but the images are scheduled to run on a constant loop from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Created Equal, an Ohio-based anti-abortion group that compares its stance to Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement on its website, is holding the rally. “It seems fitting to me that we are launching this campaign in the very place where our nation’s founders penned those words, created equal,” Mark Harrington, Created Equal’s national director, told the Inquirer. “We are still battling for equal rights. In this case, it is the pre-born who are being discriminated against.”

The group also said it would project videos of “abortions in progress” on the screen.

The group’s leader said the protest will feature warning signs around the screen, in order to help people avoid it if they want to. But Harrington added he believes this is the best way to fight for his cause. “I’m happy to stop doing this when the killing stops,” he told the paper.

Created Equal has a graphic gallery of photos on its website that is probably a preview of Friday’s massive video projection.

Per the group’s Facebook timeline, it has recently protested with signs featuring dead fetuses at high schools. They’ve also protested at college campuses in the past.

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