Survey: Penn, Princeton Grads Are Hard to Date

Penn and Princeton both ranked among the 10 schools with the worst alumni to date, per a (very unscientific) survey. But Lehigh and UDel grads are great daters!

Alumni from the University of Pennsylvania are among the 10 least-dateable alums of any college in the United States, according to a survey.

Matchmaking site The Dating Ring surveyed 1,600 users about 7,500 dates and came up with the 10-best and 10-worst alumni to date. Penn came in at No. 8, and Princeton No. 9. Babson College (it’s near Boston) had the worst alums to date in the survey, while Rutgers was third-worst.

Colgate (the liberal arts college in New York, not the toothpaste company’s training program) had the best alums to date. Lehigh ranked No. 2. Lehigh! Who knew engineers were so good at dating? ‘[Colgate students] take work really seriously but also like to have a good time and I think that’s a good balance when you’re dating somebody,’ Jackie Kreisberg, from Lehigh University, told the Daily Mail. University of Delaware came in at No. 6 on the most-datable list.

We’ll add an addendum to this survey: This dating site is relatively new, and 81 percent of respondents to this survey live in New York City, with the rest in San Francisco. Why are you so horrible to date, Babson grads residing in Manhattan?

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