Pennsylvania Jobs Site Advertised Jobs for Strippers, Escorts

Tom Corbett touted Pennsylvania's Job Gateway website during Wednesday's debate. Turns out it has as for strippers and porn actresses on it.

At Wednesday’s breakfast-time debate between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett, the governor touted the state’s Job Gateway website.

The site appears to be a useful portal to start a job search in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for Corbett, though, it contains more jobs than he probably expected. After the debate, the Wolf-affiliated Campaign for a Fresh Start delivered to reporters some of the jobs on that website. They were not for the jobs Tom Corbett wants to bring to the state.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review explains:

A casting couch ad in Pittsburgh sought “hot mom and daughter combos” and “young busty females between 18-45,” according to the state’s Job Gateway site. A car date job offer, posted Wednesday, sought “a sexy woman” older than 18.

Well, at least these ads are searching for women over the age of 18. And, hey, you can be up to 45 years old and still be considered young (at least if you have big boobs, I guess). Some might see the positive side of these ads.

Tom Corbett is. A spokesman says just 4 of the 5,000 “entertainment” jobs on the site were deemed inappropriate. (Going through 5,000 entertainment ads to check them for hookers is instantly one of the weirdest jobs in the state.) “It is unfortunate that, rather than talk about hundreds of thousands of good, family-sustaining jobs,” Corbett communications director Chris Pack said, “Tom Wolf is focusing on a handful of glitches in an algorithm that aggregates hundreds of thousands of jobs from many national employment websites, including Monster and Craigslist.”

The ads were likely automatically sourced from Craigslist. “Now it is clear that even his much-touted website simply does not work as intended,” Fresh Start spokesman Mike Mikus. Yeah this is pretty much a non-story, except for the hilarity of the state advertising for jobs for strippers and porn actresses. Hey, we needed to spice this governor’s race up a bit.