Dead Raccoon Rots For Weeks on Philly Power Lines Until Radio Station Report

PECO was aware of a rotting raccoon carcass in the power lines on a small street in Juniata, but deemed its removal a low priority. It's finally gone.

KYW 1060’s John McDevitt has this tale today: After several weeks hanging above the neighborhood, a dead raccoon was finally removed from overhead lines in the Juniata section of Philadelphia. And who got it down? Well, KYW 1060’s John McDevitt.

Okay, he didn’t go up there himself and pull down the raccoon carcass from the 3700 block of East Airdrie Street. But no one would take down the dead raccoon for weeks until he started to report on it. Neighbors said the stench wafted across the block.

When residents called animal control, they deemed it PECO’s responsibility. When they called PECO, they directed residents to animal control. Finally, when McDevitt called PECO, the power company admitted it was its responsibility — but deemed it a low priority since it didn’t cause an outage. At 2:30 p.m. yesterday, though, the raccoon was removed.

And they say the media never does anything for the common person. The media got this dead raccoon out of the power lines!

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