Report: Philadelphia Drivers Among the Worst in the U.S.

Don't read this while driving: A new report from Allstate says, of the 200 cities surveyed, Philadelphia drivers are only the 192nd-safest in the country.

Allstate’s annual America’s Best Drivers Report is out, and Philadelphia doesn’t fare so well. Among the 200 cities Allstate ranks for safe driving, Philadelphia finished 192nd. In the report, Philadelphia ranks lowest of any city with more than 700,000 people.

To be fair, there are a few comparable East Coast cities with worse drivers than Philly: Boston ranks 199th (Worcester, Mass., is last), while Washington D.C. is 198th and Baltimore is 195th. Take that, other reasonably sized nearby cities! (Philly also beat some smaller cities: Glendale, Calif.; Alexandria, Virginia; Springfield, Mass.; and Providence.) Los Angeles ranked 188th, Pittsburgh 187th and New York City 155th.

Fort Collins, Colo., was named the safest-driving city for the fourth consecutive year.

“Allstate is showing drivers that factors like population, a city’s density and precipitation may contribute to their driving safety to reveal important lessons on the road,” Allstate EVP Mike Roche said in a release.

In the first year of the list, Philadelphia was ranked 185th — its highest ever. The ranking of 192nd this year is the city’s worst ever.