Beer Company Makes Broad Street Line Free on September 7th

Miller Lite will be sponsoring free SEPTA rides on the Broad Street Line for the Eagles' home opener.

Photo | Ben Schumin.

Photo | Ben Schumin.

Miller Lite announced it will be sponsoring free rides on SEPTA for the Eagles’ home opener for the second straight year. Yes, you get to ride the Broad Street Line for free on Sunday, September 7th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. because a beer company wants to sell more beer to people going to the Eagles game. Hooray!

Pretty much any reason that leads to SEPTA being free for a large portion of a day is good. The promotion, in addition to attempting to sell more Miller Lite, is also a way to discourage drunk driving. If you can get to the Broad Street Line, it is infinitely easier to take that to the stadium instead of driving. If you’re not tailgating, take it to the sports complex! Take it to Xfinity Live!

“The best play of the game is when fans plan for a safe ride home,” MillerCoors’ Diane Wagner, actually said according to a press release. “At MillerCoors, we believe that drunk driving is 100 percent preventable.”

According to the release, 36,000 people rode SEPTA for free when Miller Lite sponsored free Broad Street Line rides.

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