Drive-By Shooter Fires 7 Shots into Police Station

Seven shots of a large-caliber weapon were fired into the police station in West Deptford. The police believe they were being targeted.

A drive-by shooter fired seven times at the West Depford police department headquarters around Tuesday morning, police said. The shooter used a larger-caliber weapon, somewhere around 40 caliber.

At a Tuesday morning news conference, West Deptford police said they believe an officer or the police department in general were targeted.

“This was a drive-by shooting,” Deputy Police chief Sean McKenna said. “I definitely think that a police officer or the police officers were targeted. I don’t think this is a threat to any of our residents or businesses.” The seventh shot went into McKenna’s window.

Surveillance video captured footage of the shooter driving away, but did not capture the shooting. The police department is currently enhancing the video.

The shots were fired around 4 a.m. The one supervisor inside the station ducked for cover and radioed for an officer. About 20 seconds later, a patrol officer drove through the parking lot. The shooter had already fled.

“I think if you’re going to fire seven rounds into a police department, this was not a warning,” McKenna said. “Someone was out to hurt our police officers.”

Police said the shots were fired from about 30 yards away from the door. They’re going to step up patrols in the wake of the shooting.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Sgt. Michael Cramer at 856-853-4599 ext. 164. A $3,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

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