Officer Attacked by Police Dog Needed Surgery

A Ventnor police officer who was attacked by her police dog had surgery the same day. She is now on medical leave.

Ventnor police officer Jamie Pirchio was attacked by her police dog and required surgery the same day. The K-9 was the New Jersey resort city’s only police dog.

Officer Jamie Pirchio was attempting to feed the dog at her home when the dog began attacking her arms, legs and hands. She was able to get the dog back in its cage and ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

“My God, I came outside and there was blood everywhere, coming from her legs, arms, hands,” neighbor Bob Webb, a retired police officer, told the Press of Atlantic City. “I laid her down on the porch and cut her pant legs off to put pressure on the wounds until the paramedic came.”

The dog, Niko, is now in a kennel. It is Ventnor’s only K-9, and cost at least $2,4361.

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