Police Investigate Mysterious Deaths of Philadelphia Couple

The pair were found in their Strawberry Mansion home by their daughter. No signs of foul play were observed.

Early Thursday morning, a 39-year-old woman found the bodies of her parents in their Strawberry Mansion home. Police responded to a report of a woman screaming.

Family members identified the couple as Gladis and Rufus Perry, the aunt and uncle of deputy streets commissioner Donald Carlton. No signs of foul play were observed. Police have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning but have not yet yet classified the deaths as a homicide.

“Gladis was the oldest in a family of 12 … she was the matriarch, the person everyone leaned on,” Carlton, the deputy commissioner, told KYW 1060.

The couple apparently hoarded a lot of items in their house, which they’d lived in for 40 years, which may slow police investigators.

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