Phillies Fans Boo Video of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett

Yeah, Mayor Nutter was booed as well.

Photos | Jeff Fusco

Photos | Jeff Fusco

Last night, the Phillies honored Jimmy Rollins for passing Mike Schmidt to become the team’s all-time hits leader. The team gave Rollins and his wife matching Gucci luggage and an all-expenses-paid trip to Italy. (No, not to play baseball there.) They also showed congratulatory messages from Nick Foles, Bernie Parent, Rickey Henderson (who talked a bit about himself), Derek Jeter (which reminded me it’s really a shame how infrequently the Phillies play the Yankees), Jill Biden, and Mayor Michael Nutter.

Also, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, who was booed by the fans. There wasn’t even a reason to boo, as it was a recorded message. He wasn’t there to hear the boos!

The boos appeared to die down after the crowd got bored, at least through the TV. Biden wasn’t booed. But in the storied tradition of Philadelphians booing their own mayor, Nutter received a couple of boos.

In the most recent Franklin & Marshall poll, only 23% of registered voters said Corbett deserved re-election. Nutter is in his second term.